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Join the Team

Since Hailey’s diagnosis, we have had countless people ask us what they can do to help. There are several ways you can join our team and help the cause. Please consider doing any or all of the following:

1Register your information with us so we can keep you informed on updates, new events, new and exciting news, and important information regarding the quest to save our daughter’s life and the lives of thousands like her around the country. We promise we will not sell your personal information in any manner.

2Donate generously to the cause. Donation are secure, easy, and 100% tax-deductible.

3Check with your company as to whether they will match any donation you or your co-workers give. Many companies have donation matching programs in place.

4Check out the items for sale in our online store and consider purchasing one or more items to display your support for Hailey and our family. All proceeds from the store go towards offsetting medical costs, reduced income, and reinvesting in fundraising efforts.

5Forward this website to as many people as you can think of and ask them to do the same and contact us if you have any connections that would help us find a famous, reputable spokesperson for the PLGA Foundation cause and/or help us gain more rapid national exposure in general.

6Participate in and/or volunteer for an event to raise money for this cause.

7Link this website to your personal blog, website, or company website and help us spread the word about these children and their families.

8Sign up for email notifications to be automatically alerted every time we update our journal. Also be sure to check back to the site regularly for other news and updates.

9If you have a business, consider being a business sponsor or asking your company to sponsor our cause. This can include financial donations, resources, products, or services. All sponsors will be listed prominently on our website and will receive promotion and get exposure in other ways for their support, depending on level of sponsorship. For more information on becoming a Team Hailey business sponsor, please contact us using the Contact Us link.

10Visit the sponsor section of our website. These organizations have agreed to support our cause in some way and deserve some recognition and exposure for it, and have great products and services available that may be of some use to you. We want them to benefit from their relationship with us, and of course to continue supporting our cause.