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Tuesday, June 10, 2008 - 10:03pm

Shannon, I work at Associated Bank and saw Hailey's story on the Home Page. I've been reading your heartbreaking story about Hailey and also Caroline's similar ordeal. Thank you for making me aware of the alarming statistics of children and cancer. I found this information to be shocking. I know of a product that I believe could help Hailey in her treatment and lessen the side affects of the cancer medications. It is called Xango. I've heard many unbelievable stories about this product shrinking tumors and getting rid of the cancer completely. XanGo and is made from the Mangosteen fruit (not related to Mango). More and more doctors are supporting its use because of the scientific research behind the product. There is a DVD showing actual research done on mice with cancerous tumors and they show the tumors shrinking with the Xango juice. I hope you will research this juice as an option to help Hailey. www.JCMumper.mymangosteen.com As a mother I know nothing can be as painful as watching your child suffer. I will commit to pray for healing for Hailey and emotional strength for your family thru this difficult journey. God bless Carla
Carla Mumper
Green Bay, WI 54302

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