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Friday, September 28, 2007 - 10:25am

You don't know me but one of my best friends has a son who was found unconcious a year ago in april on there living room floor. To make a very long journey short, I wanted to let you know that they also did a page like this through froedert in milwaukee, they continue every day to work with there son. But it is a sight like this that keeps the rest of friends and family informed of whats going on because we don't want to call and bother you all the time. I would love to share there story with you, there son was 20 and continues to improve every day, his was not a tumor, they think some kind of infection??? Maybe you would be interested in there sight? and how they have gone through tough times. You can let me know. Thanks for sharing your story, I was given your sight through a mutual aquaintance and am so happy to be able to pray for your daughter. I will be ordering a t-shirt soon. Take care, my prayers are with all of you. Lisa Rohan
Lisa Rohan
Bear Creek, WI 54922

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